Current Projects

Open Source Contributions


An open-source space visualization project that I contribute to sometimes. Link

Personal: In Progress

SpacePorn Scraper

This is a python program (and Jupyter notebook) that pulls the latest


Currently learning Node.js. A little bit less complicated than Django.

Event Crawler

I’ve started code on an event crawler. Right now, it only pulls from two websites.

Materials List App

A phone app in which a materials and tools list is created based on tasks the user selects.  Many residential and commercial installation companies (solar, electrical, etc.) have many, many tasks that they can be doing, and remembering materials for each of those tasks is a major issue.  This started out as a command line project in Python, but after determining that running a Python command-line program may be difficult for people who may use this product, I decided to restart it as an Android app instead.  The Python code is here.  The Android code is here.
As of now, the project is still not a minimum viable product.  No database or other storage method has been programmed yet, and if the project goes anywhere, I’ll likely move data storage to Amazon AWS.

Lighting Project

LED lighting which matches the color of a source such as a television. I worked on a similar project for senior design at Drexel University. Right now I’m working with a Raspberry PI and LED lighting strips.

Thinking About It

Solar Pathfinder App

A phone app which has the functionality of a solar pathfinder tool.  This was another big issue when I was doing solar installations.  However, the utility of an app like this, unlike my materials app, would be limited to people and companies interested in installing solar.

Solar Generator

More for the amusement of it, and to get more familiar with electrical work for projects.