CAP Theorem

Applies to a database with multiple or single (by default, no partition tolerance) nodes Only two out of three can be provided at any given time Applications in which accuracy is more important (typically relational) databases will sacrifice availability, whereas applications in which speed is more important (typically NoSQL) will sacrifice consistency.

Git Cheat Sheet

Config git config –<system|global|local> <key> <value>: git config –<level> <name>: git username git config –<level> <email>: user email git config –<level> core.editor <editor name>: git editor to use Tags git tag: list tags without descriptions git tag -n: list tags with annotated descriptions, or description of last commit git tag -a <name> -m Continue reading Git Cheat Sheet

Golang – Retrieve Local File Using Default API Library

NOTE: page is the HTML file location parameter. For local files, this starts with file:// func main() { flag.Parse() if page == “” { fmt.Println(“HTML page location must be defined”) return } client := http.Client{} if strings.HasPrefix(page, “file”) { transport := &http.Transport{} transport.RegisterProtocol(“file”, http.NewFileTransport(http.Dir(“.”))) client.Transport = transport } response, err := client.Get(page) if err != Continue reading Golang – Retrieve Local File Using Default API Library