PlantUML Examples

Generate pictures with java -jar plantuml-<version>.jar <file name>


package Wrapper {
    usecase "Set Autocompile" as SAC
    usecase "Compile" as C
    usecase "Remove Compile" as RC
    usecase "View Output" as VO
    usecase "Run Program" as RP
:User: --> SAC
:User: --> C
:User: --> RC
:User: --> RP
:User: --> VO

left to right direction
package Program {
    usecase "View Event Info" as VEI
    usecase "Bands" as B
    usecase "Tags" as T
    usecase "Date and Time" as DAT
    usecase "Location" as L
    usecase "Query" as Q
    usecase "Query Meetup" as QM
    usecase "Query Band Tags" as QBT
    VEI .> B : include
    VEI .> T : include
    VEI .> DAT : include
    VEI .> L : include
    Q .> QM : include
    Q .> QBT : include
:User: -- VEI
:Meetup: -- QM -- QBT

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